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Center Church offers a number of rooms for rent for a variety of functions.  If you have specific questions about the rooms, you may contact the church sexton at, or call the church office at 203 787 0121. You may also click on the link below to fill out a facility use form. Filling out a form does not necessarily guarantee your request will be accepted. The Church carefully considers  each request, based on the appropriateness of the event. 

Questions about weddings should be directed to the minister, Sandra Olsen.  Her email address is  The minister conducts all wedding ceremonies, and we do not rent out the church for other clergy to preside, except in very special circumstances.  You can also click on the Wedding Site for more information.

The following is a list of the rooms in the Parish House at 311 Temple Street.  Please take the time to look at the pictures of the rooms on the website.

Pratt Hall holds 250 people, but with chairs about 175.
The Chapel holds 35 people.
Sunday School Room: 15 people
Library: 10 people
Missionary Room (on second floor; there is no elevator) 20-25 people.

The Meeting House is the church, which sits on New Haven’s Green.  It seats about 600 people, and it is used for worship, weddings, concerts as well as other community events.

The following rules must be adhered to:
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Thank you for your interest in use of the Center Church facilities. As both a historical and currently vivid ministry in downtown New Haven, we welcome opportunities to serve through allowing our worship and reception facilities to be used for events which provide community service, celebration, and personal solace and healing. We offer the following rules in a effort to communicate clearly with you and your organization. Please feel free to call the Sexton with any questions or concerns.

1) No smoking, alcohol, or chewing gum are permitted in any of the facilities at any time.

2) No open flames (e.g., candles and the like) are permitted in any of the facilities at any time.

3) No food or drink is permitted in the Meeting House, which is our worship facility.

4) No parking is permitted on weekdays at either Center Church facility.

5) The Sexton will be your contact with Center Church and will facilitate all building use. The Sexton represents Center Church and must be deferred to on particular questions of building use before and during your event and its clean-up.

6) No external doors, at either Center Church facility, may be propped open unattended.

No one is permitted in the choir loft at the Meeting House AT ANY TIME. If members of your group enter the choir loft and organ areas, your group may be charged a $100.00 fine. This fine is in addition to any regular fees, and/or any additional fees for damages.

8) Required fee(s), must be paid directly to the Center Church office, in person or by federal or commercial postal service, no later than one week prior to your event. The fees include insurance, custodial services, etc. Such custodial services cover reasonable cleaning needs. If custodial and/or damage impact to Center Church facilities is beyond reasonable, Center Church retains the right to bill you or your organization to recover additional cleaning/damage costs.

9) The maximum number of persons permitted in the Meeting House (our formal worship facility) is 640; the maximum number of persons permitted in Parish House (our reception facility) is 200.

Your signature below binds you and/or your organization in contractual obligation to these rules. Further, you hereby release The First Church of Christ in New Haven, the Center Church on-the-Green, from liability for loss or damage to persons and properties in or on the Center Church property for the duration of the scheduled event, as well as for the duration of all your set-up and clean-up for such event.
By your signature, you and your organization agree to safeguard the security of the building, and to honor the facilities as places of worship.


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